Puesta en marcha y entrega del laboratorio DIMLAB Bio en Marruecos

Puesta en marcha y entrega del laboratorio DIMLAB Bio en Marruecos

ADELFAS, ejecutor del proyecto DIMLAB, envió una delegación a Rabat los días 17, 18 y 19 de enero para entregar oficialmente el laboratorio biológico desplegable a los usuarios finales en Marruecos.  Los dos primeros días de esta misión tuvieron lugar en las...

Fighting COVID-19 with science

"Mobile laboratories have proven to be very efficient for the diagnosis of highly dangerous pathogens as well as for training health workers”, stated Dr Eyüp Turmus, NATO SPS Advisor and Programme Manager. In Morocco and Tunisia, an ongoing SPS project is developing...

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DOD Announces Release of 2023 Strategy for Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction

The Department of Defense have released the unclassified version of its 2023 Strategy for Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD).  The 2023 DOD CWMD Strategy seeks to account for current and emerging WMD challenges and threats, and provide tailored methods to address them. The Department will account for WMD threats holistically to prevent, mitigate, withstand, operate through, and recover from WMD attacks in close consultation with Allies and partners. "This Strategy lays the foundation for the Department to confront the complex and demanding challenges presented by WMD," wrote Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin in the Secretary's Foreword.   In line [...]

Armis Biopharma Announces Receipt of a $20.3 Million Contract with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency to Develop Veriox® DECON for Battlefield Wounds

Armis Biopharma, Inc. announced today that the company received a $20.3 million contract from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) to develop its proprietary Veriox® DECON chemical warfare agent (CWA) decontamination product for use in battlefield wounds. This will be an important product for warfighters who may be exposed to chemical warfare agents when wounded as the technology could have the potential to help save lives and extend the opportunity to provide an appropriate level of care to the severely injured. The May 2023 edition of the DTRA JSTO publication, "JSTO in the News" included the article, "Beyond a Bandage," that explains the significance [...]

DTRA JSTO Welcomes Dr. Robert Kristovich as New Director

DTRA JSTO welcomes Dr. Robert K. Kristovich as Director of the Chemical and Biological Technologies Department, Research and Development Directorate (RD-CB) for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). RD-CB serves as the Joint Science and Technology Office (JSTO), an integral component of the Chemical and Biological Defense Program (CBDP). His first day was Aug. 27. As Director of DTRA JSTO, Dr. Kristovich leads an office of 200 professionals including eight divisions of scientists, researchers and administrative staff. He manages the execution of over $505 million focused on transforming science and technology (S&T) to prepare for current and emerging chemical and [...]

Sovereign Capability at Scale

A national team of experts will advance an innovative biopolymer particle-based platform technology to develop vaccine candidates to protect against biowarfare threats including Q Fever, tularaemia, and melioidosis. Health Security Systems Australia (HSSA) is engaging with leading scientific experts from across Australia, led by Griffith University, including the Australian Rickettsial Reference Laboratory in Geelong, the NSW Department of Primary Industries, the University of Western Australia, and industry partner BioCina Pty Ltd, an Australian-based global biologics Contract Development Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO). The two-year funding will advance this project which ultimately aims to establish sovereign capability in Australia to rapidly develop and [...]

AiRANACULUS Awarded Defense Department Contract for System to Predict Personnel Exposure to Chemical and Biological Threats

AI Platform Will Alert Warfighters of Probable Exposure Before Symptoms Emerge AiRANACULUS®, a private, Massachusetts-based technology company providing state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) solutions, announced that it has received a U.S. Department of Defense contract for a prototype software system to provide warfighters with predictive early warning of exposure to chemical and biological threats. Under its contract with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, AiRANACULUS will demonstrate an AI-based platform to alert warfighters of probable exposure. The platform will leverage existing wearable device technology to capture and assess basic signs of bodily function such as heart rhythms, respiration rates, [...]

US Department of Defense Acquires Smiths Detection’s Next Generation Aerosol and Vapor Chemical Agent Detectors

Smiths Detection today announces that the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) has selected Smiths Detection to supply 122 portable Aerosol and Vapor Chemical Agent Detectors (AVCAD). This follows the successful development and testing of a next generation field based AVCAD system by Smiths Detection after an award in 2018. The systems, which have been developed in collaboration with 908 Devices, are a chemical detector designed to detect, identify, alarm and report the presence of traditional and advanced chemical threat vapors and aerosols. Using a wireless remote alarm capability, the AVCAD, which can be mounted or portable, will support missions for the [...]

Excalibur Army Delivers DECON Vehicle to Vietnam

In a milestone for defense cooperation between the Czech Republic and Vietnam, the Vietnam People’s Navy and Army have received a state-of-the-art decon vehicle from Czech defense company Excalibur Army. The Excalibur Army Decon vehicle is specifically intended for the Chemical Corps of the Vietnam People’s Army and is poised to play a pivotal role in enhancing Vietnam’s chemical and biological defense capabilities. This highly advanced vehicle is designed to perform comprehensive decontamination tasks, encompassing vehicles, personnel, armament, gear, oversized equipment, terrain, aircraft, buildings, and various objects, thanks to its high-reach operator platform.  The vehicle is transportable by aircraft and [...]

Smiths Detection sells its 1000th leading 3D X-ray scanner

Smiths Detection, a global leader in threat detection and security screening technologies, today announces that it has achieved the 1,000th sale of its HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX computed tomography (CT) X-ray scanner. The HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX produces high-resolution volumetric 3D images for quicker and deeper baggage assessment and automatic explosive detection with low false-alarm rates. This provides an advanced security screening experience that allows passengers to leave electronic devices and liquids in their hand luggage, enabling passengers to move through airport security checkpoints faster, without compromising on safety. The state-of-the-art security scanner ultimately leads to greater safety outcomes, more efficient operations [...]

It was reported over the weekend that a one year old had died, and three other children were hospitalised after apparently ingesting fentanyl at their nursery in the Bronx, New York.  Nursery staff called 911 to report multiple children were unwell. The cause of the death and illness is yet to be officially confirmed, but a police source told The New York Post the children had eaten something, and then gone to sleep for a nap at around 1 pm. They didn't wake up at 2:30 pm, so Narcan was administered. Another source told the post that nearly one kilogram [...]

On September 11, India's National Disaster Response Force announced they had provided CBRN coverage to all venues involved during the G20 Summit.  In total, the NRDF says they deployed 600 members in eleven teams equipped with the latest CBRN equipment. In addition to this they stationed 4 hazmat vehicles, epuipped with chemical and radiation detecton devices, at strategic locations around the event.  In a statement they said "In the lead up to the event, the NRDF, in cordination with the NDMA and other stakeholders including DAE and DRDO, conducted various sensitisation training programmes for the rescuers, Dehli policem NSG, medical officers, [...]

Teledyne FLIR Defense Demonstrates Groundbreaking UAV

Teledyne FLIR Defense, part of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, is showcasing a new technology concept at this week’s DSEI conference in London that wil lallow crews to autonomously launch small drones operated from inside a military vehicle; perform reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition (RSTA); and then recover the aircraft without ever having to leave the safety of the vehicle. The Black Recon™ Vehicle Reconnaissance System (VRS) is a development program that features an entirely new micro-unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed to withstand the rigors of traveling on infantry and other fighting vehicles. The system is built to provide continuous untethered reconnaissance [...]

Avon Protection’s ST54 Tactical Operator SCBA receives NFPA 1986:2023 standard

Avon Protection’s ST54 enhanced multi-mission Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) has received certification to the NFPA 1986 Standard on Respiratory Protection Equipment for Tactical and Technical Operations, including NIOSH CBRN certification. The updated NFPA 1986:2023 standard specifies minimum requirements for the design, performance, testing and certification of SCBAs with emphasis on performance requirements, cold temperature operations, and improved testing methods. Avon Protection’s ST54 Tactical Operator SCBA system has been developed for tactical operations where the user needs to respond to changing operational conditions. The ST54 is the base to a multi-mission respiratory protection system that provides operational flexibility to operators [...]