Privacy policy


In accordance with the current legislation on the protection of personal data, users of are informed of the privacy policy that will be applied in the processing of personal data voluntarily provided by them when accessing the web site.

DIMLAB informs users that their personal data will be accepted for processing only if it is appropriate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the scope and specific, explicit and legitimate purposes for which it was obtained. It will be erased when it is no longer necessary or relevant for such purpose or at the request of the owner, in the exercise of his right of retraction.

BIMLAB expresses its commitment to respect, at all times, the existing legislation on data protection. The personal data provided will be processed by DIMLAB and will be used in accordance with the following information.


  • Head: ADELFAS
  • I.F.: G87053021
  • Type of business: ADELFAS-Association for development, education, law and training
  • Address: C/ Albasanz, 72 – B5
  • Telephone: 9137559465
  • E-mail address:


  • Identification data (surname and first name, e-mail address, country of residence, level of study).
  • Data relating to the terminal from which you are connecting to the Web (use of cookies).


  • Contact email account to answer your questions or requests for information in general, and we will send you the requested information..
  • Images of events organised by the DIMLAB
  • Cookies: keep the registered user name; provide statistics about the use of the page, the location of our offices via Google Maps.


The data processing database corresponds to the consent of the person who sends us an e-mail and / or accepts the use of cookies and / or authorizes the publication of his images in the section project in pictures.


The contact information you provided to us during your consultation via e-mail will be used to respond quickly to your request, without any other use.

Pictures posted in Project in Pictures will be kept until you request their deletion by revoking your consent.

Regarding cookies, read our cookie policy to identify the validity of each cookie.

In addition, the data associated with your interaction in the corporate profiles of social networks will be preserved for the duration that you have set in these social networks for your publications.


No transfer of data to third parties will be made.


The use of social networks: uses social networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter or tools such as Google Maps. The interaction with the users when using such profiles or tools therefore implies the international transfer of data, of an analytical and technical type in relation to the Page and the profiles of networks kept, its server, in which user-facilitated data is processed through these profiles.

BIMLAB adopts the technical and organizational measures necessary to guarantee the security of the personal data contained therein and to prevent their alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access, taking into account the state of technology, the nature of the data and the risks to which they are exposed.

The page has the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, to ensure the security in the transmission of data between your browser and our page.

The secure server establishes a connection so that the transmitted information is encrypted, which ensures that it is only intelligible for the user’s device and the page’s device. In this way, the use of SSL guarantees:

  • That the user transmits their data to the site server and no third party
    That between the user and the page, the data is transmitted encrypted, avoiding its possible reading or manipulation by third parties.
  • To verify that it is in a secure environment, the user must verify that the verification page address begins with https: //

You can also identify the page as secure when a lock icon appears on your browser’s address bar.

Finally, you can also check the presence of the SSL certificate by consulting the properties of the page on your browser, for this you will have to consult the characteristics.

Any changes to the privacy policy and information management practices will be reflected promptly, and may add, modify, or remove this privacy policy as necessary.

In no event will modify policies or practices to make them less effective in protecting the personal data of our previously stored users without their prior consent.

Last update: February 10, 2020